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"Farhad Hossain Masum is a PhD student in Natural Resource Economics in Louisiana State University. He engages in creating online material for higher study in USA and co-founded NexTop-USA ( as a platform to help students achieve higher study in USA. He is also a passionate science communicator ( and translator (

Key features of the book
# About 3500 grouped words in 74 chapters
# Alphabetical index with pronunciation
# Both Bangla and English meanings
# Combined Context with a bunch of words
# 258 high frequency words starred in the index
# Special list for treacherous words

***** Vocabulary was the most pathetic part in GRE, not any more *****
May be I was the first reader of this book. VocaBuilder developed in front of me, even the name of the masterpiece is my brainchild. It wasn’t this organized or perfect at that time. It has undergone through many quality control processes since then. Two years of work and it’s worth it. Was I helped or not by this, my current position will answer the question. Vocabulary WAS the most pathetic part of GRE preparation. If you want to know why I used the verb WAS, start reading.
-Salman Bin Hossain, PhD student, University of Louisiana at Monroe,

Title VocaBuilder
Author ফরহাদ হোসেন মাসুম
Publisher আদর্শ
ISBN 9789849266563
Edition 2014
Number of Pages 185
Country Bangladesh
Language বাংলা

ফরহাদ হোসেন মাসুম

Farhad Hossain Masum

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